CHIA Election & Ballot Opens January 8

Now is the Opportunity to Vote for Incoming CHIA Leaders

Voting will be open January 8 through January 26 at 4:00 pm (PT)

Now is the opportunity to vote for the incoming CHIA Board of Directors and AHIMA Delegates who will lead CHIA over the next few years. As a voting member, you elect the CHIA leaders who will influence the strategic direction of the California Health Information Association over the next few years. When you participate and vote, you take part in the future structure, direction and leadership of CHIA. Do not throw this important privilege and responsibility away. Submit your vote today!

  • Only CHIA Active, Emeritus, Graduate, and Honorary members are eligible to vote.

  • Component Local Association (CLA) regional ballot and online voting information will be available in mid-January. For CLA ballot details, visit your CLA at

The CHIA Nominating Committee asked each candidate to respond to an important association-related question, and the 2018 CHIA Candidates’ Position Statements & Biographies are included below. Read each candidate’s position statement and learn more about the candidates and their HIM backgrounds, then cast your vote.


The President-elect candidates were asked to respond to the following question: The incoming President-elect will be a key contributor in developing CHIA’s 2019-2021 three-year strategic plan. Describe your vision for the future of health information management professionals in California.


The Director candidates were asked to respond to the following question: CHIA is evaluating changing our vision statement. State and describe your “vision statement” for CHIA.


The AHIMA Delegate candidates were asked to respond to the following question: Given the size and diversity of the CHIA membership, what is your plan, as a delegate, to promote the voice of CHIA?