CHIA President-elect Candidate Roberta Baranda


Roberta Baranda


Position Statement

When creating a vision, one must dream big, project long, use the present, while painting a mental picture for the future. That is not an easy task. Health information management (HIM) professionals in California will be national role-model leaders in the field of health care; both in the recognized and traditional HIM specialty specific areas but also in contemporary, innovative, and transformational areas of health care leadership. HIM professionals will be stewards of quality data and advocates for patients. In order to achieve this vision, California HIM professionals need to challenge ourselves and others on the traditional beliefs about our education and knowledge, stretch ourselves, dare to take risks professionally, and recognize and market our contributions. My vision is that we become CEOs of our fate in order to remain relevant and competitive.

Thinking ahead 5, 10 or even 25 years from now, I see the HIM profession moving in two directions. HIM professionals will always be viewed and respected as experts in key specialty areas like privacy and security, registry management, release of information, coding, clinical documentation improvement, and managers of traditional health information departments. It is imperative that we continue to sustain that credibility especially for those HIM professionals who want to continue in the traditional but specialized technical roles.

We must look up, ahead and bigger as a collective, and realize that health information professionals are uniquely positioned for leadership roles across the health care continuum. We must do this now or we will miss the opportunities that are often right in front of us. Health care leaders with a health information education foundation have extraordinary skills, competencies, and perspectives that make them uniquely qualified for many health care positions. We are limitless, and we must believe and practice that philosophy. We know that we could be successful in C-Suite positions, assume leadership positions in project management, informatics, revenue cycle management, data analytics, information technology, patient advocacy and consumer and customer engagement. HIM professionals should even stretch their thinking to including clinical positioning and areas of research. I am not sure that we always give ourselves the permission to believe this possibility.

California HIM professionals can lead the way by being the example. In California, we are already blessed as many of our colleagues are making the transition to these future roles and excelling in unique, newer job roles. Health information management professionals must also be realists when mentoring new professionals by challenging them to think outside of the box when considering positions or advancing their careers.

Relevant Health Information Professional Positions

  • Director, Clinical Documentation Improvement & Coding; Valley Children’s Healthcare Privacy Officer, Valley Children’s Healthcare, Nov 2015-Current
  • Director, Ambulatory Operations, Valley Children’s Healthcare, Oct 2012-Nov 2015
  • Director, Patient Access and Health Information Management & Privacy Officer, Valley Children’s Hospital, June 2008-Sept 2012
  • Administrative Director, Health Information Management & Admissions, Valley Children’s Hospital, May 1994-June 2001
  • Associate Director, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, May 1989 to May 1994

Academic and Professional Degrees or Training Received

  • Master of Science, (Dual Degree) Health Information Management and Information Technology Leadership, 2015
  • Bachelor of Science, Health Records Administration, York College of PA, 1988

Association Board Activities

  • CHIA, Directors 2011/2012
  • SHIA, President, 2016-2018 (current)
  • SHIA, President, 1996-1997

Association Committee/Task Force Activities

  • AHIMA Practice Council for Electronic Health Record Council, 2004-05
  • CHIA,Chairman, Mentorship Committee 2009/2010
  • CHIA, Co-Chair, Governance Task Force, 2016-2017

Five Adjectives That Describe Personality and Leadership Style

Passionate, Forward Thinking, Role Model, Loyal, Encouraging