AHIMA Delegate Candidate Sandy Hames


Sandy Hames


Position Statement

As a native Californian, I am very aware of the size, diversity, and the beauty of our state. I have lived and worked in various California towns and cities varying in size from 7,000 to 1 million. In addition, I have also lived and worked in other states too. California is definitely very diverse in population and in the health information management (HIM) advances. I have found that California health care organizations range from hybrid records to successful truly electronic health records systems. The health care organizations in California vary in size and shapes from critical access hospitals in rural areas to large urban health care systems with many facilities.

The health care industry is currently in a time of great fluctuation. These are challenging times to be working in health care and in HIM. The direction which health care reform will be taking is unknown. As a result, it is essential for HIM to continue to adapt and evolve into an organization that is fluid and to take a leadership position.

My plan as an individual and as a voice of CHIA, would be to support and promote health care and our health information profession. As stated in CHIA’s mission statement, CHIA is committed to advancing our profession through networking, education, shared knowledge, and advocacy.

With our changing and evolving profession, it is vital that our members have affordable and accessible continuing education. This will allow for the HIM professional to keep evolving with the changing health care environment.

This need for education is a common need throughout our state and other states regardless of the size of the state or the community. It essential for all of us to stay current, especially in our changing profession and to be ready for the new challenges that awaits health care.

Relevant Health Information Professional Positions

  • HIS Operations Manager, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, 9/2017-current;
  • Interim HIM Director, Fairchild Medical Center, 7/2017-8/2017;
  • Privacy Officer, St Charles Health System, 2016-2017;
  • HIM Supervisor, St Charles Health System, 2014-2016

Academic and Professional Degrees or Training Received

  • Health Information Administration, University of Washington, 1996;
  • Masters in Library Science, Emporia State University, 1978;
  • Bachelors in Education, Oklahoma Christian College, 1977;
  • Liberal Arts Associate, West Valley College, 1975

Association Board Activities

  • Oregon HIMA, Treasurer, 2015-2017;
  • NCHIA President est. 2010-2011

Association Committee/Task Force Activities

  • Various CHIA committees est 2007-2009
  • Nominations Committee est. 2010;
  • NCHIA Education Committee est 1996-2009

Five Adjectives That Describe Personality and Leadership Style

Dependable, Honest, Compassionate, Extrovert, Positive