Coding and Data Quality (CDQ)

This site is a resource for coding and data quality issues. Here you will find CHIA Journal articles and resources that address coding classification official guidelines, medical record documentation topics, payer guidelines, and data reporting. Use these resources as a means to more fully understand and improve the quality of medical coding, clinical documentation, and to help educate your medical staff and other health care colleagues on these issues.

  • Coding and Data Quality Articles Solicited
    CHIA accepts original, unpublished manuscripts about current issues and best practices in health information management. CHIA encourages members and other individuals to submit manuscripts for publication in the CHIA Journal and/or on this site. See CHIA Publication Guidelines for details.

Insights to Coding Data Quality - Featured Articles

*Article featured online only

Debridement Coding in ICD-10-PCS - November/December 2017
Understanding HELLP - July/August 2017
Injury Codes - July/August 2017
Coding Associated Diabetic Conditions - May/June 2017
CMS Launches the MOON Form - March/April 2017
Hypertension and Heart Disease - January/February 2017
Changes to the Coding of Alcohol and Substance Use - January/February 2017
New Coding Guidelines for CHF - November/December 2016
Cardiac Arrest vs Acute Respiratory Failure Update - November/December 2016
Coding External Cause of Injury Place of Occurrence - July/August 2016
Aftercare vs. Follow-up - May/June 2016
FY 2016 IPPS - May 2016 *
Understanding Asthma Clinically - March/April 2016
2016 CPT Update - March/April 2016
OIG Released - New Guidance for Health Governing Boards - February 2016 *

ICD-10 Coding Tips

Debridement of Wounds - November/December 2017
Initial Versus Subsequent Encounter - January/February 2017
Alcohol and Substance Abuse - January/February 2017
Heart Failure - November/December 2016
Burns and Corrosions - July/August 2016
7th Character: Subsequent Encounter - March/April 2016
7th Character: Sequela - March/April 2016
Root Operation: Creation - January/February 2016

ICD-10-PCS Coding Tips

Spinal Fusion - May 2016
Coronary Artery Bypass Graft - May 2016
Aftercare vs. Follow-Up Visit Coding - May 2016
Excludes 2 Means: Not Included Here - March 2016
Excludes 1 Means: Not Coded Here - March 2016
Root Operation: Drainage - March 2016
Root Operation: Dilation - March 2016

Coding Classification Authorities

Specific organizations are recognized as the national authorities on coding classifications and advice. Classification changes and associated guideline development are the responsibility of the various medical code set maintenance organizations. Therefore, neither AHIMA nor CHIA may issue coding guidelines independently.