CHIA Board Meeting Updates: Nov 2016

Updates from the CHIA Board of Directors Meeting, held November 2016

The CHIA Board of Directors recently met on November 12, 2016 and discussed several ways CHIA can meet and exceed member expectations. Learn more about the Board’s discussion points and update highlights below.

  • The Board’s Mission Moment included an overview of other like organizations – their geographical distribution, organizational structure, membership and educational provisions. Professional organizations reviewed include ARMA, CHA, CMA, HCCA, HIMSS, MGMA as well as HIE organizations.
  • CHIA Committee member attendance – brainstormed ideas to enhance participation and reviewed Committee structure with consideration of streamlining like committees.
  • The Board met with CHIA’s Financial Advisors to review current portfolio and possible options with no recommendations at this time.
  • Each of the Board members will review committee charges with their respective Liaison assignment to share with the Committees.
  • The CLA Rules and Regulations template was reviewed with revisions and the draft approved with proposed changes. It was recommended that the CLA Boards review their rules and regulations next year.
  • The CHIA e-Mail Policy draft was adopted and to be shared with the CLA Boards with the understanding emails are not to be used for bulk mail distribution, but for recruitment and communication.
  • CHIA will continue to collaborate with other Health IT entities in an effort to ensure HIM’s presence in the industry.
  • The Board also approved a Promotional Partner Agreement with Healthcare Informatics/Health IT Summit Series. The summit promotes partners by putting our logo on their website as well as HTML links to CHIA’s website and other opportunities of collaboration on future events
  • CHIA recognition awards and scholarships applications due March 1.
  • The Board also reviewed the CHIA Governance Structure Evaluation Task Force, members of the committee, the charges/deliverables, and the sharp timeline to accomplish deliverables.
  • The Board approved appointment of a CHIA representative to serve as CSA HIM Awareness Coordinator which is part of AHIMA’s Advocacy Campaign.
  • Board members were enlisted to draft a letter to AHIMA’s Speaker of the House regarding the need for Long Term Care HIM educational resources.

Questions or suggestions for the CHIA Board? Share them with us and the CHIA President Deborah Collier by emailing