CHIA Board Updates: Feb 2017

Keeping our Mission Statement Front and Center to Achieve Our True North

CHIA Mission Statement
The mission of the California Health Information Association is to advance the management of health information through networking, education, shared knowledge, and advocacy.

True North is defined as evidence that every decision of an organization is completely aligned with its mission. This is precisely what the CHIA Board of Directors has been busy focusing on. Each decision point or proposed plan is aligned with CHIA’s mission as well as CHIA’s strategic plan and goals. Each CHIA Board meeting begins with review of CHIA’s mission, vision, and core values and a report out of any event or activity that a board member was involved in that supports the mission of CHIA. This helps CHIA’s leadership continue to direct CHIA for the current and desired goal of meeting the needs of CHIA’s members and professional growth.

On behalf of the CHIA Board of Directors, the following includes an overview on the status of several of CHIA’s mission and strategic plan related-decisions. The CHIA Board will continue to provide updates to CHIA Members – Stay Tuned.

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  • Deborah Collier, RHIA; CHIA President 2015-17

Strategic Plan
The three-year Strategic Plan for 2017-2019 describes CHIA’s four overarching goals and ten strategies. Input received from the 2016 House of Delegates was prioritized and integrated into the applicable strategies as action items for desired outcomes for 2016-2017. The Operating Plan was reviewed and updated.

CHIA Email Tagline
A tagline was identified for adoption and use with signature line of email communications; Better Health Information for Better Health

Student Academy
The CHIA Board discussed plans to offer CHIA’s first Student Academy at the June 2017 CHIA Convention & Exhibit. The event is scheduled for Sunday morning, June 11, 2017, prior to the CHIA House of Delegates. This event will be complimentary for students registered for the convention. Exploration of the idea of a Student Council to be discussed further at the Student Academy. The CHIA Academics Committee has appointed a task force to work on the plans and agenda for the Student Academy.

Financials reviewed and determined as remaining strong. It was necessary to make a change in financial services for the investment portfolio. This also included opportunity for adjustment in fees which is being monitored for cost savings anticipated. Further review of budget for upcoming budget planning will include alignment of budget items with the strategic plan and action items that will require funding. Decreased attendance for some of the education sessions continues to be monitored and evaluated for alternatives to increase revenue and reduce expenses to fulfill education needs.

Leadership Development
Leadership development program to be offered as a webinar.

CHIA Research Initiative
Begin information gathering for next steps sponsor a research initiative related to HIM and establish policy to sponsor research.

EHR Integrity
Information gathering on raising awareness of the concerns of EHR integrity and best practices for managing.

Committee Deliverables Revised
Committee deliverables (formerly known as charges) were revised and aligned with CHIA’s strategic initiatives.

CHIA Governance Structure Task Force
The CHIA Governance Structure Task Force has been busy meeting for the charge to research other organizations regarding organizational structure and recommend three alternatives to the CHIA Board of Directors. This effort is in the spirit of acknowledging the fact that our current structure has an opportunity to improve and be more effective with collaboration between state and component local associations (CLAs). The task force will present their recommendation to the CHIA Board, which is to include three alternative organization governance models based on their research and feedback from members at large. The CHIA House of Delegates will have the opportunity to review and vote on any proposed changes to our current CHIA governance model making recommendations for potential structure changes to the CHIA Board for evaluation. The purpose of the task force is to evaluate the effectiveness and value of the CHIA volunteer governance structure which includes the functional design and roles of the CHIA Board, CHIA Committees and CLAs. The members of the task force are Co-Chairs Roberta Baranda and Amy Henderson; Members: Liz Allan, Lisa Craig, Brian Faust, Liz Graham, Diane Premeau, Lynda Russell, Heidi Shaffer, Patricia Small, Adriana van der Graff, Robyn Wilderson, and Kathleen Witte.

Information Governance (IG) Committee
Plans are in progress to purchase IG Toolkit from AHIMA. The IG Committee will provide plans on how content of the toolkit can be used to offer education sessions to the membership.

Continuum of Care Committee
Continuum of Care Committee concerns will be addressed in a letter to AHIMA regarding more resources and attention needed for Long Term Care (LTC) and how the HIM professional provides value to job roles in various continuum of care health care settings.

Webinars and Seminars Committee
Webinars and Seminars Committee will be combined into one committee for educational programs. The new committee name will be Professional Development Committee.

Social Media Committee
Social Media Committee to be discontinued after this year. Explore best options to meet the deliverables of the Social Media Committee regarding tools of the social media being effective for communication amongst members and attract other professionals to our profession, resources and educational programs.

HIM Awareness Coordinators
Two CHIA members were appointed as HIM Awareness Coordinators. Thank you to Dr. Shirley Lewis and Victoria Hernandez, who volunteered for this AHIMA initiative. They will be involved with coordination activities to raise the awareness and advocacy efforts on behalf of the HIM profession. Plans are pending on activities to reach out to senior leadership in various healthcare organizations to let them know about the value an HIM professional brings to the organization. One of the primary goals of the HIM Awareness Coordinators is to promote the value of the HIM Professional within the healthcare industry, providing guidance and support in meeting industry needs. Stay tuned for more information with anticipation they may call on other members to participate in their efforts.