Webinars on Demand

CHIA offers Webinars on Demand, which are available for purchase* after the live Webinar has been presented. This convenient format consists of the full 60-90 minute recorded presentation, distributed handout, and accompanying Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Certificate. Each Webinar on Demand is only available for purchase and access for one year after the original recording date. (*Sold separately from the live Webinar).

After purchase, a Purchase Confirmation will be sent to the purchaser’s primary email address. It contains links to access the Webinar on Demand presentation using a streaming or download format. Also included will be the handouts and CEU Certificate links. Participants are encouraged to use the handouts while following the presentation.

To make a purchase or view more details about each Webinar on Demand, visit the CHIA Store.

Webinars on Demand Series:

Webinar Title Prod Code CEU’s Offered Record Date View Details Rate
IPPS FY2018 Updates WEB125 Two 10/3/2017 Click Here $75 - $95
Affordable Care Act (ACA) Risk Adjustment Audits WEB122 Two 9/28/2017 Click Here $75 - $95
SHIG: Sharing Behavioral Health Information in California WEB124 Two 9/19/2017 Click Here $75 - $95
CMS Emergency Preparedness Requirements WEB123 Two 9/13/2017 Click Here $75 - $95
HIPAA Hot Topics and Current Events WEB121 Two 8/29/2017 Click Here $75 - $95
Governing Health Information for Better Health: The Health Care Consumer’s Expectation WEB120 Two 8/23/2017 Click Here $75 - $95
What Should be on the Radar for Acute Care Hospital Audits? WEB119 Two 8/17/2017 Click Here $75 - $95
Transforming Health Care with Connected Health Technology WEB117 Two 8/9/2017 Click Here $75 - $95
Leadership as Practice: A Personal Coaching Approach WEB118 Two 8/1/2017 Click Here $75 - $95
Pediatric and Neonatal Quality Indicators WEB116 Two 7/18/2017 Click Here $75 - $95
Part B Professional Services: Physician Documentation and Coding Essentials WEB115 Two 5/25/17 Click Here $75 - $95
Medicare Advantage HCCs and RADV Audits WEB113 Two 4/20/17 Click Here $75 - $95
Why Patient Matching Is a Challenge: Research on MPI Data Discrepancies in Key Identifying Fields WEB112 Two 4/13/17 Click Here $75 - $95
The 60-Day Rule: Reporting and Returning Overpayments WEB110 Two 3/29/17 Click Here $75 - $95
Ethical Coding Standards for the Healthcare Coding Professional WEB109 Two 3/8/17 Click Here $75 - $95
A Second Look at Revenue Recovery; Understanding the Medicare PACT Rule WEB107 Two 2/28/17 Click Here $75 - $95
PEPPER for the HIM Professional WEB106 Two 2/22/17 Click Here $75 - $95
Navigating the Maze of Hospital Quality Pay-for-Performance Initiatives WEB105 Two 2/8/17 Click Here $75 - $95
Documenting End of Life Decisions: The California Landscape WEB104 Two 1/25/17 Click Here $75 - $95
CDI’s Role in ROM, Quality & RAC Denials WEB103 Two 1/12/17 Click Here $75 - $95
HIM Reimagined WEB102 None 12/12/16 Click Here FREE ITEM
ICD-10-PCS Key Learnings for FY2017 WEB100 Two 11/15/16 Click Here $75 - $95
2016 Fall Student Chat with CHIA President, Deborah Collier, RHIA WEB099 None 11/10/16 Click Here FREE ITEM
OSHPD Update: What’s New, What’s Here, and What’s Coming WEB098 Two 11/9/16 Click Here $75 - $95
AHIMA Foundation Registered Apprenticeship Program: Managing the HIM Talent Pipeline WEB097 None 11/3/16 Click Here FREE ITEM
ICD-10-CM and Documentation for FY2017 WEB094 Two 10/20/16 Click Here $75 - $95
IPPS FY 2017 Update WEB093 Two 10/12/16 Click Here $75 - $95
CAC: Lessons Learned from Early Adopters and Core Measures Overview WEB092 Two 10/4/16 Click Here $75 - $95
Government Audits and Denials Management Who, What, Where: The Road Map to Audit Success WEB091 Two 10/25/16 Click Here $75 - $95
ICD-10-CM/PCS Chapter 12 – Diseases of the Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue Overview WEB079 Two 2/23/2016 Click Here $75
ICD-10-CM/PCS Chapter 9 – Diseases of the Circulatory System Review and Tips WEB068 Two 8/10/2015 Click Here $75
ICD-10-CM/PCS Chapter 15 – Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Puerperium Review and Tips WEB067 Two 5/28/2015 Click Here $75
ICD-10-CM Chapters 5 & 6 Review & Tips WEB061 Two 3/24/2015 Click Here $75
ICD-10-CM Chapter 3/Chapter 4 Review and Tips WEB049 Two 6/26/2014 Click Here $75
ICD-10-CM Chapter 1/Chapter 2 Review and Tips WEB048 Two 5/29/2014 Click Here $75