CHIA Director Candidate Kamar Braish

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Kamar Braish


Relevant Health Information Professional Positions

Served as CHIA, AHIMA HOD represetative for 2 years; past president for Greater Orange CHIA

Academic and Professional Degrees or Training Received

  • Masters degree from St. Scolastica, Informatics & HIM

Association Board Activities

  • Greater Orange, Board 2015-2017
  • GOCHIA President 2017-2018

Association Committee/Task Force Activities

  • Convention Committee, 2019

Five Adjectives That Describe Personality and Leadership Style

Strategic, Transformational, Democratic, Engergitic, Capable of delivering

Position Statement

The Director candidates were asked to respond to the following question: As a CHIA Director you will help oversee and guide the Association. How can CHIA best pursue its mission via an “innovative approach” to develop health information professionals and advocate for practice excellence?

As a CHIA Director I would support CHIA’s mission through innovation by promoting excellence in delivering education to California’s health information members.

With innovations come brainstorming ideas and thinking out of the box. Some of these brainstorming ideas may include:

  • CHIA can make presentation materials available to members who were unable to attend the CHIA Convention & Exhibit for a nominal fee. Members who are unable to attend the convention can then still receive the educational benefits.

To advocate for practice excellence, I would support and promote the California health information schools by engaging leaders and members to open their doors for the students and recent graduates.

  • CHIA can be innovative by creating a reward-like platform for hospitals that take on new students. The reward platform may include different levels such as: bronze platform with one-two students; silver with three-four; and gold with five plus students. The platform’s activities could include students’ externships, student networking interviews, possible temporary assignments or other to the students. Members of the different platforms will be recognized during the convention celebration.
  • I would promote and encourage our HIM vendors to hire recent graduates or students while engaging in different projects with different health care organizations.
  • CHIA can house student resumes on its website where directors, managers or vendors can review them.

As a CHIA Director, I would venture further to help support new roles for advancing coding professionals in clinical documentation improvement (CDI) and CDI auditors’ positions, working shoulder to shoulder with the CDI clinical staff. It takes both coders and clinical staff to be fully engaged and working side by side to help improve documentation in the legal medical record. For our HIM operation, I would team up with other HIM colleagues to create toolkits on different HIM domains, which can be purchased on the CHIA website.

For networking, CHIA and CHIA members will utilize the CHIA social media platforms to promote and expose innovative ideas and technology. Sharing knowledge and educational events on social media can expand both CHIA and CHIA members’ footprints inside and outside the HIM domain.

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