CHIA Delegate to AHIMA Candidate Maria Caban Alizondo

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Maria Caban Alizondo


Relevant Health Information Professional Positions

  • Director, Enterprise HIM, UCLA Health System
  • Director, EHR Integrity, Stanford Health

Academic and Professional Degrees or Training Received

  • Master’s, Organizational Leadership, Gonzaga University
  • PhD Candidate, Leadership & Change for Healthcare, Antioch University

Association Board Activities

  • CHIA, President 2018
  • SCHIA, President 2010
  • ILA, WLAG 2018

Association Committee/Task Force Activities

  • Chair, CHIA CDQ 2008
  • Chair, CHIA Candidates Committee 2014

Five Adjectives That Describe Personality and Leadership Style

Passionate about HIM, Empathic, Driven, Smart, Genuine

Position Statement

The CHIA Delegate to AHIMA candidates were asked to respond to the following question: With the fundamental changes affecting AHIMA and the HIM profession, how would you, in your role as delegate, champion the value and relevance of the AHIMA House of Delegates (HOD)?

The core of AHIMA’s mission and success is the professional community of members that make the Association valuable, and one of the most important bodies of this Association is the AHIMA HOD. It is this House that supports, drives and gives voice to the Association on all manner of issues related to the profession. The relevance of the Association and by extension the AHIMA HOD are the members who serve generously and audaciously. Our relevance is our voice, our professional practice, and the integrity with which we lead. Our value is the subject matter expertise we hold within the various domains of our professional practice.

It has been my honor to serve CHIA on committees, task forces and now as CHIA Past President. One of my responsibilities during my tenure as CHIA President was to serve as a delegate to AHIMA at the national convention. As a delegate I brought to the AHIMA HOD the responses and critiques from our state professional community and it was a responsibility I took seriously. The issues we face in health care and our profession are enormous and complex, and they deserve to be discussed and approached from many sides and through many voices. I view the role of AHIMA Delegate as participatory and inclusive, meaning that the Delegate’s responsibilities are year-round and require input from those they represent at all levels.

AHIMA began a transformational change two years ago and is working to integrate a new dynamic and new approaches into how we communicate and serve within the Association – on this point alone we must be vocal and help guide AHIMA forward. This is why as your AHIMA Delegate I’ll provide updates and ensure opportunities for our members to provide their feedback through the CHIA Board, CLA Boards and our CHIA Member Town Halls. I appreciate your confidence and support and look forward to serving CHIA as an AHIMA Delegate.

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