CHIA Delegate to AHIMA Candidate Sandy Hames

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Sandy Hames


Relevant Health Information Professional Positions

  • HIS Operations Manager, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, 9/2017-current
  • Interim HIM Director, Fairchild Medical Center, 7/2017-8/2017
  • Privacy Officer, St Charles Health System, 2016-2017
  • HIM Supervisor, St Charles Health System, 2014-2016
  • DeAnza College, Part-time Instructor, 2013-2014
  • HIMS Director, Menlo Park Surgical Hospital a Sutter Health and Palo Alto Medical Foundation affiliate, 2003-2014

Academic and Professional Degrees or Training Received

  • Health Information Administration, University of Washington, 1996
  • Masters in Library Science, Emporia State University, 1978
  • Bachelors in Education, Oklahoma Christian College, 1977
  • Liberal Arts Associate, West Valley College, 1975

Association Board Activities

  • Oregon HIMA, Treasurer, 2015-2017
  • NCHIA President for 2 terms, est. 2009-2011

Association Committee/Task Force Activities

  • CHIA Awards and Scholarship Committee, Co-Chair 2019-2020
  • CHIA Awards and Scholarship Committee member 2018-2020
  • Various CHIA committees est 2007-2009 and Nominations Committee est. 2010
  • NCHIA Education Committee est 1996-2009

Five Adjectives That Describe Personality and Leadership Style

Outgoing, Energized, Collaborative, Innovative, Compliant

Position Statement

The CHIA Delegate to AHIMA candidates were asked to respond to the following question: With the fundamental changes affecting AHIMA and the HIM profession, how would you, in your role as delegate, champion the value and relevance of the AHIMA House of Delegates (HOD)?

Even though the health care industry was slow to embrace computerization, for the past 20+ years health care has been converting from paper to electronic health systems. Currently, the health care industry has changed its business focus. It has been speculated that within the next five-ten years, there will be 10-20 different health care systems nationwide. The large health care companies are positioning themselves by gathering hospitals and clinics through merges and acquisitions, to be all under one system.

How does this affect the HIM professional? It drives the centralization of HIM services and/or outsourcing some or all HIM functions. Many HIM professionals will be working remotely from home or a central office, not necessarily near the health care facility or headquarters. The HIM professional must be adaptable and embrace the new and ever-changing health care environment. The key to the HIM profession’s future is education. With these changes there will be a need for the HIM professional to use its clinical knowledge and critical thinking skills. Some of HIM roles include:

  • System-wide coding and revenue cycle management
  • Enterprise-wide data mining, data analysis, data management, and communication
  • Clinical data quality
  • Patient/consumer advocacy
  • Assisting patients with accessing their medical information
  • Patient portal and information sharing
  • System-wide privacy and security
  • Privacy and security of information on a global setting for medical device, equipment, technology, testing, and other health care companies
  • Informatics that support research in the health care companies
  • Informatics that support research at companies developing medical devices, technology, equipment, testing and other processes.

We will need to have a loud voice and show that the HIM department can help the health care industry achieve its goals and evolve. We are patient advocates and advocates for quality health care, demonstrated through research and data analysis. Promote the HIM profession by being the professional that can be relied on and can think outside of the box

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