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The CHIA Journal is a peer-reviewed publication and the official publication of the California Health Information Association. The CHIA Journal informs readers of the activities of the Association and serves as a resource and professional development tool for health information management (HIM) professionals. It keeps readers current on issues that affect the HIM practice and contributes to the field by publishing best practices and new knowledge.

The CHIA Journal is mailed bi-monthly to 2,500 members and subscribers, and is also available online to 6,000 CHIA and AHIMA members in California. Click here to login and access the online version.


CHIA members receive the CHIA Journal as part of their membership dues. Non-members may receive the CHIA Journal through a paid subscription.

Coding Data Quality - Featured Articles & Tips Online

CHIA posts coding and data quality articles and tips featured in the CHIA Journal. These resources can be used as a means to more fully understand and improve the quality of medical coding, clinical documentation, and to help educate staff and other health care colleagues on these issues.

CHIA Journal Articles Solicited

CHIA encourages members and other individuals to submit original, unpublished articles for publication regarding current issues and best practices in HIM. CHIA is looking for articles on a variety of timely educational topics that represent the depth and breadth of HIM roles and interests, and can include tips, strategies, techniques, case-studies, opinions and commentary. Articles should contain information of use to HIM professionals, HIM students, or vendors who provide HIM products and services.

Publishing original material relevant to HIM in the CHIA Journal is a qualifying activity and authors may earn 2 continuing education credits. Refer to the AHIMA Recertification Guide for full details.

View the CHIA Journal Publication Guidelines for more information on articles, style guidelines, and the peer review process.

To submit a article for consideration:

  • Send only original articles. Please do not submit articles that have been published previously or are being considered for publication elsewhere.
  • Remain product and vendor neutral. The CHIA Journal does not reference products, services, or vendors by name within articles. (Exception is Corporate Corner articles).
  • Generally, articles should be no more than 1,200 words, however, longer articles will be considered.
  • Include all contact information, name, degrees/credentials, job title, including workplace, address, phone number, and email address. If the article has multiple authors, please indicate the primary contact.
  • Include complete citations for all referenced work.
  • You may include color photos, charts or other desired graphics that enhance the article
  • Author’s photograph may be included in publication if provided. All photos should be an original, hi-resolution format.

Articles undergo blind review by the CHIA Journal Editorial Advisory Board.

For more information or to submit a article, contact the CHIA Coordinating Editor at


CHIA accepts articles throughout the year and reserves the right to publish any accepted article in what CHIA determines to be the most appropriate CHIA Journal issue. Articles that are targeted for a specific issue must be received by the deadline date for that issue, which is 60 days in advance of the published issue.

Journal Issue Submission Deadline
January/February November 1
March/April January 1
May/June March 1
July/August May 1
September/October July 1
November/December September 1

Corporate Corner Articles

CHIA’s Corporate Partners are invited to submit articles to the CHIA Journal column devoted exclusively to business developments of our Corporate Partner companies. These articles may include discussion of the company’s products, services and personnel. The length for these articles should be 300-400 words. Send articles to


The CHIA Journal is the perfect platform for HIM companies to advertise products and services. More information is available on the Advertise with CHIA page.

Change of Address

Members and subscribers may change their mailing address online at the My Profile, or can call (559) 251-5038 or email to submit a change request.

Copyright Permissions and Reprints

Permission to reprint or post material appearing in the CHIA Journal and on this site may be requested. Submit your request to Include your name, contact information, a description of the article or specific material to be reprinted (title, author, date of publication, URL if a Web site article), and specific purpose of the use.