Changes to CCHIIM Domains - Effective Jan 2020


In 2019, CCHIIM’s (Commission for Certification of Health Informatics and Information Management) Recertification workgroup updated the HIIM domains to reflect current and future workforce competences and incorporate those changes in the 2020 Recertification Guidelines.  The 2020 HIIM domains and descriptions are available on the AHIMA Recertification webpage and the AHIMA Recertification Guide (Spring 2021).

New Domains are effective as of January 1, 2020. A 2020 Domain Name Crosswalk is available to map the 2019 Domains to the 2020 Recertification Guide and aid members in selecting the correct domain category within the CEU Center.  

Former (2019) HIIM Domains2020 Domain Names
TechnologyInformatics, Analytics and Data Use
Management DevelopmentOrganizational Management and Leadership
Clinical Data ManagementData Structure, Content and Information Governance
Performance ImprovementRevenue Cycle Management
External ForcesHealth Law and Compliance
Clinical FoundationsClinical Foundations
Privacy and SecurityInformation Protection: Access, Disclosure, Archival, Privacy and Security
 Evolving Topics