HIIM Program Grants

The Health Informatics and Information Management (HIIM) Program Grants are awarded to Health Information Administration, Health Informatics, and Health Information Technology programs to support improvements in teaching and learning and to help meet special needs of these programs in California. The amount of the grant is determined annually by the CHIA Board.

For questions, or to submit application requirements, email Scholarship@CaliforniaHIA.org

Eligibility Criteria

Any CAHIIM-accredited program within the state of California is eligible.

Application Process

Program Directors are required to submit the following information by the annual March 1 deadline:

  • Completed HIIM Program Grants Application
  • Narrative including a clear, concise description of the CAHIIM-accredited program, the number of students in the program, a description of any special needs that the program has and/or how the grant will be utilized to improve the teaching and/or learning in the program (no more than 750 words).

Distribution of Grant Monies

The grant monies will be paid to the recipient’s program on a “reimbursement or invoice basis.” The grantee will provide CHIA a copy of either an invoice or receipt for the expenses for which the HIIM grant is awarded. If, within eleven months (no later than May 31) after the grant is announced, the grantee fails to provide an invoice or receipt for the products or services for which the grant was awarded, the grant will be cancelled, and monies will not be distributed.

Selection and Notification Process

The total amount of grant monies to be awarded is determined annually by the CHIA Board of Directors, and information is provided to the CHIA Awards and Scholarship Committee at the time of selection. The CHIA Awards and Scholarship Committee will review all eligible submissions and evaluate based on:

  • Narrative application content,
  • Demonstrated financial need (as outlined in the narrative application) to support improvement(s) in teaching and learning within the CAHIIM-accredited program,
  • Eligible programs will be accredited by CAHIIM and will be based in California, and
  • Any other criteria as determined by the CHIA Board.

The recipient will be notified in April and will be announced at the CHIA Convention & Exhibit in June.

HIIM Program Grant Recipients

2019 Loma Linda University
2018 Not Awarded
2017 Consumnes River College
2016 Not Awarded
2015 San Diego Mesa College
2014 San Diego Mesa College
2013 Loma Linda University and Santa Barbara City College
2012 City College of San Francisco
2011 Consumnes River College and Santa Barbara City College
2010 City College of San Francisco
2009 Santa Barbara City College
2008 City College of San Francisco
2007 Fresno City College
2006 City College of San Francisco
2005 East Los Angeles College
2004 Santa Barbara City College
2003 Chabot College
2002 City College of San Francisco

The CHIA Awards and Scholarship Fund is made possible through the generous contributions of CHIA Members, Corporate Partners, Vendor Contributions, and other HIM professionals. Please consider making a contribution today.