Join/Renew CHIA Membership

The California Health Information Association (CHIA) is the Component State Association (CSA) of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Membership eligibility with CHIA is contingent upon your membership status with AHIMA and choosing California as your CSA. CHIA’s annual voluntary membership dues coincides with your AHIMA membership type and anniversary date.

Join/Renew CHIA

If you are a current AHIMA and/or CHIA member, it’s easy to join/renew. All you need to do to is log into your CHIA profile, and choose to Pay Open Orders.

Go to Join/Renew CHIA and log in.

AHIMA members should have an existing profile. Contact CHIA’s Membership Department directly at if you experience issues logging in or your dues are up for renewal and there is not an open dues order on your profile.

CHIA Membership Types and Dues

Active Member

Active members in good standing are entitled to vote in CHIA/CLA elections, hold a CHIA/CLA office, including the CHIA/CLA Board of Directors, member of the House of Delegates, or Delegate to AHIMA, be a member on a CHIA/CLA committee and/or task force.
Active Member Dues: $50 annually

New Graduate
Dues for Active members designated as “New Graduate” by AHIMA are discounted for up to two years.
New Graduate Dues: $20 annually
Emeritus (formerly Senior)
Dues for Active members designated as “Emeritus” by AHIMA are discounted. Make sure AHIMA has your birthday so your membership automatically changes after your 65th birthday.
Emeritus Dues: $25 annually

Student Member

A Student member in good standing is entitled to serve as a committee member in a designated student position, with voice but not vote. They are not entitled to other voting privileges, hold office or serve as delegates. Student Member Dues: $20 per year

Honorary Member

The Honorary members of CHIA are the honorary members of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and those individuals to whom the CHIA Board of Directors has conferred honorary status. Honorary Dues: $0 (waived)

Join/Renew AHIMA

If you need to join/renew your AHIMA membership, visit Join/Renew AHIMA Membership Link will take you directly to the AHIMA Website.

Corporate Partnership

Any corporation interested in the purpose of CHIA is eligible for Corporate Partnership. For information about the CHIA Corporate Partnership program visit here: