Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor Student Scholarships

Each year CHIA is able to award scholarships to deserving CHIA students. Introducing a scholarship is another way to earn priority points. Scholarships will be announced during the convention activities, providing recognition to your company and acknowledged on the CHIA Web site.

Scholarship Fund Donation Form

Silent Auction

This event has become a popular traditional event for convention attendees. The auction is made possible through generous donations from you, our CHIA members, Component Local Associations, CHIA Vendor partners, exhibitors and others. Your support in prior years has been appreciated and we are looking forward to your donation to this Silent Auction.

Silent Auction Donation Form

Component Local Association Opportunities

Reach out to any of the seven component local associations for their specific opportunities for sponsorship on upcoming events.

Directory of CLAs

Contact CHIA for more details.