Presenter General Guidelines & Templates

Below is information and general guidelines for presenters of CHIA Seminars, Webinars, Tutorials and Convention programs. For all questions and material submissions, email

Presentation Materials & Template

Presentation Materials
Presentation materials are required and should be submitted by the specified due date. PowerPoint is the preferred format, and it is important that you use the provided CHIA template for the presentation. CHIA will utilize the PowerPoint presentation as the program handout and will post the handout on the CHIA website, available for download by program registrants prior to the program date. Hardcopies will not be provided.

CHIA PowerPoint Template

Presentation Materials Due Dates

Program Format Due Date
Seminar 30 days prior to the Seminar start date
Webinar 14 days prior to the Webinar
Pre-Convention Tutorial 30 days prior to the Tutorial date
Convention Program 45 days prior to the Convention start date

Presentation Materials Guidelines and Specifications

Utilizing Template
To use this PowerPoint Template, open the PowerPoint and click on View > Normal.

  • Select the first slide in the left column for the header slide. On this header slide, include the title of the program and the name of the program speaker(s), including credentials and professional affiliation. It is good practice to put the date of the program here, also.
  • You may include your company’s name (and logo, if desired) on the first [title] slide/page only
  • Select the second slide in the template left column for the program content, adding additional slides of this type as needed simply by right clicking on the slide and selecting New Slide. Select Layout for slide presentation options.
  • All presentation content must be placed in the white space allotted.

Handout Length
Generally, PowerPoint presentation and related handouts for educational programs should not exceed 45 PowerPoint slides per hour of program content (We do understand there are exceptions for some program topics).

Page Numbers
Please do not include page numbers on your materials or PowerPoint slides. CHIA will number the pages when covered to handouts.

PowerPoint to PDF
DO NOT convert your PowerPoint slides to PDF format prior to sending to CHIA. CHIA will convert PowerPoint slides to PDF in the 2-per-page handout format unless another format is requested and/or required.

Ensure that your slides are readable for printing and for viewing when projected:

  • Make text and titles as large as possible for clear and distinct output and clear readability. Larger is better and less is best. Minimum suggested font size is 20pt for bullets and 16pt for graphics-related text.
  • The number of lines of text on each slide should be no more than eight for optimal legibility.
  • Do not crowd too much information onto one slide. If you have a great deal of information to convey, divide it up logically between multiple slides rather than trying to fit all of your points on one slide.
  • If you use custom fonts, be sure they are sent to CHIA with the final presentation.
  • When designing your text layout, remember that bullets have great impact. Fewer sentences and lots of white space between bullets and text paragraphs add to the ease of reading.
  • It is a good idea to have plenty of “white space” on your slide. An uncluttered slide looks cleaner and has greater impact.
  • You may use photographs on your slides. They should be large enough to be legible.
  • Avoid using screen shots, if possible. They are difficult to read on the printed handout and when projected.
  • Proofread your slides before sending the presentation to CHIA.

A white background on your PowerPoint slides will help ensure they are easy to read. Avoid using a dark background or background graphics that make the text difficult to read on either projection or handouts. A background format that results in difficulty reading the handouts or that does not conform to CHIA’s handouts specifications will be deleted by CHIA prior to printing and/or conversion to PDF.

Include a bibliography with handouts if reference will be made to specific publications, resources, or Internet sites.

No Advertisements
Do not include advertisements for the speaker’s organization, business, products or services. Handouts and presented materials must be free of commercial bias.