Research Support Awards

The purpose of the Research Support Awards is to support graduate and doctorate student research that contributes to the HIM profession’s body of knowledge.

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Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • CHIA Active member in good standing of AHIMA and CHIA at the time the application is submitted,
  • Enrolled in a master’s or doctoral degree in health information, health informatics, or related discipline. The program shall be CAHIIM-accredited or a national or regional accrediting agency of the United States, and
  • Must not have received a Research Support Award at any time previously.

Application Process

Applicants may submit an application at any time throughout the year. To be considered, applicants shall submit:

  1. Completed Research Support Awards Application
  2. Curriculum vitae,
  3. Unofficial transcripts verified (signed) by the Program Director,
  4. A brief description of the research project, including a clear research plan and a clear statement of the relevance of the project to the HIM profession,
  5. An estimate of the direct cost associated with the research project*,
    a. *e.g. For qualitative research: costs to transcribe interviews, postage, local travel; for quantitative research: purchase of data sets; expenses excluded include computer equipment, unreasonable travel, other unreasonable expenses.
  6. A brief description of the expected outcomes of the project and the anticipated submission date,
  7. A signed acknowledgement stating that an article reporting on the results of the research project will be published in the CHIA Journal, and
  8. A signed acknowledgment stating the applicant is willing to present their research findings at a CHIA-sponsored webinar or other educational forum.

Selection and Notification Process

Applications are reviewed and approved by the CHIA Board of Directors. Up to two (2) Research Support Awards may be granted annually.

  • Research proposals will be reviewed by the CHIA Board at the next regularly scheduled meeting. If a proposal is received less than two weeks prior to a scheduled Board meeting, the proposal shall be placed on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled meeting.
  • Proposals shall be evaluated on the clarity and comprehensiveness of the research question, the general importance of the research, the appropriateness of research design, and the proposed use of requested funds
  • Upon review, the CHIA Board shall determine the amount of the award. Awards of up to $2,500 may be granted.

The CHIA Awards and Scholarship Fund is made possible through the generous contributions of CHIA Members, Corporate Partners, Vendor Contributions, and other HIM professionals. Please consider making a contribution today.