Elected Leadership Opportunities

Nominations for the CHIA Board of Directors and CHIA Delegates to AHIMA will be accepted in July 2020 for the 2021 CHIA Ballot. The CHIA Leadership Application Form will be made available at that time.

CHIA is seeking qualified and experienced members for elected leadership positions. We all have many gifts and talents, why not consider sharing these talents with the CHIA membership? The benefits of serving in these leadership roles are many. You will have the opportunity to positively affect the growth and direction of the HIM profession, influence policy at the early stages for the Association, and network with CHIA members and HIM professionals. With your help, we can continue the tradition of nominating highly qualified and experienced members.

Eligible candidates must be a CHIA Active Member (includes Active, Emeritus, Honorary, Graduate members). CHIA seeks leadership nominations every Fall with the election being held in January. The elected officials will assume office on July 1.

For questions, email Nominations@CaliforniaHIA.

Refer to the Description of CHIA Elected Leadership Opportunities to learn more about these positions, duties, qualifications, and more. The positions to be filled are:

  • CHIA President-elect: This position is primarily one of learning and observing the management function of the CHIA Board in preparation for assuming the presidency, active involvement in the strategic planning process, evaluating the structure, content and effectiveness of CHIA committees, and support of the President in AHIMA and CHIA leadership activities. Serves a three-year term in office (as President-elect, President, Past President). (1 position)
  • CHIA Director: Serve as voting member of the CHIA Board as well as voting member of CHIA’s House of Delegates. Directors serve as Board Liaisons to CHIA’s Committees, Task Forces, Component Local Associations, Affiliated Organizations and External Liaisons assigned by the President and approved by the CHIA Board. Serves a two-year term of office. (2 positions)
  • CHIA Delegate to AHIMA: Serves as a communication and membership link between AHIMA and the CHIA membership. Delegates contribute or recommend action on issues affecting the HIM profession, facilitate the voice of the members, votes on important matters pertaining to the AHIMA House of Delegates,seeks feedback and informs the CHIA membership on AHIMA and House of Delegate activities. Serves a two-year term of office. (1 position in even voting years, 2 positions in odd voting years)

The Candidate criteria used by the CHIA Nominating Committee for evaluation of potential nominees is listed below and incorporated into the CHIA Leadership Application Form. AHIMA offers a Volunteer Competencies Self-Assessment tool to assist in assessing your level of leadership skills and abilities.

CHIA President-elect CHIA Director CHIA Delegate to AHIMA Delegate
CHIA committee experience CHIA committee experience CHIA Board experience
Committee/Volunteer from another state Committee/Volunteer from another state AHIMA involvement
Geographical distribution Geographical distribution Occupation/Experience/Credentials
Occupation/Experience/Credentials Occupation/Experience/Credentials Subject matter expertise
Director, CHIA Board Director, CHIA Board CLA President
CLA President CLA President Active in CLA (Officer, Chair/Co-Chair, Committee member)
Active in CLA (Officer, Chair/Co-Chair, Committee member) Active in CLA (Officer, Chair/Co-Chair, Committee member) Presentation/Writing Skills
Community involvement Community involvement Mentor demeanor
AHIMA involvement AHIMA involvement (A Plus)
Other Association Other Association
Presentation/Writing skills Presentation/Writing skills
Mentor demeanor Mentor demeanor