Legislation and Public Policy

The CHIA Legislation and Advocacy Committee informs the CHIA membership of pertinent pending and passed legislation and/or regulations implementing laws in California. The committee actively tracks hundreds of bills each year proposed by the California legislature. The committee reviews proposed bills and regulations and determines what, if any, impact there will be on health information management practice or the profession. CHIA is frequently called upon by legislators to provide expert insight on HIM-related topics as language is being developed for proposed bills and regulations. The CHIA Legislation Committee keeps CHIA members abreast on legislative activities via informative articles in the CHIA Journal, email notices and on the CHIA website.

CHIA Legislation and Advocacy Committee Leadership

The CHIA Legislation and Advocacy Committee serves for a two-year term. View current committee members here.

View the California Bill Watch List currently being monitored by the CHIA Legislation and Advocacy Committee. For questions, email Legislation@CaliforniaHIA.org.

Official California Legislative Information

The Official California Legislative Information website provides complete information on California legislative activities including:

  • The Legislative Calendar
  • The Assembly and Senate daily calendar of events
  • A list of matters pending on the floors of both houses of the Legislature
  • A list of the committees of the Legislature and their members
  • The text of each bill introduced, including each amended, enrolled, and chaptered form of each bill
  • The history of each bill introduced and amended
  • The status of each bill introduced and amended
  • All bill analysis prepared by legislative committees in connection with each bill
  • Any veto message concerning a bill
  • The California Codes
  • The California Constitution
  • Legislative FAQs
  • Search for a bill
  • All statutes enacted on or after January 1, 1993

AHIMA Legislative Advocacy

AHIMA’s Advocacy Assistant is an AHIMA members-only, interactive, source for advocacy. The Advocacy Assistant contains valuable information, resources and guidelines, and links to helpful sites. This tool also enables you to track those public policy issues important to AHIMA and to directly contact your federally elected officials and local media in order to advocate on behalf of your CHIA and AHIMA. Using the Advocacy Assistant, you can quickly learn about the important legislative issues being addressed by AHIMA in Washington and can then easily contact your elected officials to support AHIMA’s advocacy efforts. Advocacy is fun and easy with the Advocacy Action Center.